So you found the bio page. I can think three reasons or situations as to why you’ve ended up here:

  1. You’ve stumbled upon this site and want to know a little about the guy whose piece you’re going to read.
  2. You rabidly read through all my posts and you love it so much that you’re reading the bio to get your fix (Hi, Mom) .
  3. Halfway through reading a Star Wars review and now you’d like a face to the guy who DOESN’T treat Star Wars like a religion.

In any case, my name is Kevin Diaz, sometimes even including my middle name “Andres” because I’ve grown a slight affection for it lately, but at 22, it’s a little late to change the name you go by. *sigh*. Regardless, I currently live in Plano, Texas, which, for the unitiated, is a synonym for Dallas, but much, much less crowded. Movies have always been a staple of my life. From my near infancy, images from Back to the Future, Aliens, The Spy Who Loved Me or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off were burned into my psyche. It wasn’t until in 2012, at a 3:40 showing of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained where I realized movies can do so much than to merely entertain. Movies can be an avenue for one to express their thoughts, ideas; their dreams or fears, to make a hypothetical into a tangible reality. Seeing Tarantino’s carnage on screen,  mixed with the film’s irresistible dialogue showed how collaboration between literally everyone on set can easily make or break a director’s vision.

Something of Importance* acts as my primary avenue in film discussion. This can range from film reviews, analysis, end-of-year lists, and other kinds of discussion. Every word, grade and pretentious use of a semi-colon is purely me and mine. I love expressing myself through writing, and to express my passion of the cinema through literary means is something I have never tired of.

It is my intention and loosely made promise that everything posted here will be pieces that will be worth every bit of your time. Your time is so incredibly important and valuable, and for you to spend a mere moment reading whatever I have to say means the absolute world to me.


Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @kevoooandres

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